SITOLUTIONS SPE© – Software-Prototype-Engineering©

SITOLUTIONS SPE© – The safest way!


The programming of a new application is not only a quite complex but also a cost-intensive process. For this reason, companies, in some cases, tend to keep their software systems even though they do not meet the actual requirements of the company and the technical standards anymore.

SITOLUTIONS SPE© is a method to model functionable software-prototypes, and this remarkably quick. By means of this process existing content-related, organisational and also technical conditions will be met. The method functions on basis of a practical approach which implements the prototypes in a prompt and efficient manner.

The benefits of SITOLUTIONS SPE© are:

  • Minimal risk for decisions about investment.
  • High transparency with respect to the level of development and therefore budget security.
  • Rapid availability of the prototypical application with basic functions.
  • Optimised project processing time due to a high level of flexibility in the development phase .
  • Implicit improvement of business processes on the basis of cyclical evaluation.
  • Utilisation of hidden sources of knowledge of employees.
  • Early validation of critical requirements concerning the software.
  • Improved acceptance for the software within the organisation.

“How does SITOLUTIONS SPE© work?”

SITOLUTIONS-Patterns© is a combination of software-prototype-development and service. So-called “Key-User”-teams, consisting of a selection of future users of the software, will define the software requirements  and will develop ideas regarding the design of the application with our support.

An essential factor of success is our professional moderation of “Key-User”-workshops and our support in project communication as a whole.

“What is an actual software-prototype?”

“A software-prototype is a dynamic and visual model which provides a way of communication between customers and developers, and which is way more effective than the narrative prose or statistic visual models which are used to present functionality.” (see Connell 1989)

Found approaches, such as new or modified business processes get reliably evaluated by means of a software-prototype.

“How long does it take until first results appear?”

 In our experience one can observe first effects after 2 until max. 4 weeks after the start of the project. The speed of the appearance, of course, depends on the extent of the project as well as on the available resources provided by the customer.

“Which requirements have to be met?”

As usual, for projects like these, spatial and personal resources are provided by the customer. We, as external contractors, will supply all kinds of required and desired technical resources.

“What happens after the finalization of the prototype?”

There are several possibilities after the realization of the prototype. What happens next, depends on the area of application as well as on the needed technology.  There is the opportunity to expand the developed prototype, but one could also develop the applicationsoftware, on basis of the prototype, new. No matter which path will be taken here: The decision will be sound and well justified.

“Is this method reasonably usable for us?”

 Yes! SITOLUTIONS SPE© can be applied to companies of all different sizes, since it is cost-efficient and effective. When developing the method the focus was on middle-size companies which can decide independently about the developemnt of the applicationsoftware.

The use of the application is also thinkable for Start-Ups. In this case we would support you with an extented personal supply.