SITOLUTIONS BeVisible© – Website systems

It certainly pays off to exploit the digitalisation to one’s own advantage.

SITOLUTIONS BeVisible© is more than just a website and more than a simple marketing tool. It is a modern digital platform and further a webiste system that utilises the latest technical standards. It is also optimised for all common devices such as smartphone, tablet and desktop and therefore a perfect way to benefit the advantages of the digitalisation.

SITOLUTIONS BeVisible© guarantees an attractive design and an high level of usability. Furthermore we are pleased to offer you the possibility to integrate the system smoothly in your current business processes.

SITOLUTIONS BeVisible© includes:

  • 1 web address (domain), which will be registrated and administrated by us
  • 3 pages, which include provided material from you such as texts and graphs
  • 1 contacts page with route map (
  • 1 imprint and disclaimer and Privacy Policy
  • 1 GB web and email space incl. 10 secure email addresses
  • WordPress as content-management-system
  • WordPress Plugin Sitolutions Initio-Base
  • Automated optimisation of search engines
  1. Project coordination and management
  2. Design development and implementation based on CMS
  3. Support in organisational, editorial and technical matters
  4. Optimisation of graphs and texts incl. text correction
  5. Securing of the basic configuration

*If desired, licence-free graphic materials will be provided with source references in the imprint.
*If the server is provided by the client, it is the clients responsibility to ensure the system uptime.

“Is SITOLUTIONS BeVisible©  affordable for me?”

Defintitely yes! SITOLUTIONS BeVisible© systems are constructed in a way that they grow with your success in business. The price for SITOLUTIONS BeVisible© already starts at € 2.145,– incl. 20% VAT. Just tell us your needs and your email adress and we will  transmit you an individual offer.

“Is it possible to change or add contents on my own?”

Yes, it is. Your new SITOLUTIONS BeVisible©  website is based on WordPress as content-management-system. Upon request we demonstrate you how easy it is to handle WordPress and to create attractive articles by yourself.*

*You can find the fee for the WordPress workshop in your individual offer.

“What if I already have a website?”

 If it is the case and you already have a website, we analyse your current webpage on the basis of the most important criteria. We will show you possible potential for development and we will, if desired, transfer your consisting contents to the new BeVisible©  website.

“What are the operating cost per month?”

In the above configuration, the operation of your SITOLUTION BeVisible© System costs € 8,60 including 20% VAT per month.

“Is it possible to receive on-site supervision?”

Basically we deliver ready to use, in a little while and for a fixed price. Though, it is possible for you to benefit from on-site supervision at your place*. If desired we create the new webpage incl. texts and images in cooperation with you on-site.

*You can find the travel costs in your individual offer.

“Ist there a service contract for this product available?”

Yes, of course. The BeVisible©  Service contract is a good thing. Its purpose is to guarantee you operational safety. In the course of the service contract we undertake the system-monitoring and keep your system up to date, incl. periodical data backup. Furthermore our technical service rechecks your system once a month via telesupport and you will receive a service report.

*You can find the costs for the service contract in your individual offer.

This product is solely provided in Austria. Changes and typesetting errors exepted.