SITOLUTIONS BeBusiness© Systems

A reliable and secure IT basis infrastructure which is simple to use.

Nowadays it is impossible to think about daily activities of a company without using everyday items such as smart phones, tablets, notebooks, computers and printers. Therefore every SPB (Single-Person Business) as well as SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprizes) need to have an easy-functioning and reliable IT basis infrastructure that provides the necessary security.

This is why we have developed SITOLUTIONS BeBusiness©  for you. SITOLUTIONS BeBusiness© is a product and service package which includes proven products produced by well-known premium manufacturers and regional service.

SITOLUTIONS BeBusiness© includes:

  • Internet router and firewall
  • Telephone system* incl. answering machine and fax reception
  • Network (LAN and WLan) incl. own network management
  • Server for central file storage and streaming of music and video
  • Automatic data backup local or extern in the cloud
  • Cloud functions for more security in mobile data usage
  • Uninterruptible power supply with lightning protection
  • Configuration backup

*Telephone systems have to be ordered seperately.

“Is SITOLUTIONS BeBusiness© affordable for me?”

Yes! SITOLUTIONS BeBusiness©  systems are individualised in order to meet your personal demands, desires and monetary limits. We are willed to send you a personalised offer per e-mail with pleasure.

“Who puts SITOLUTIONS BeBusiness© in operation?”

We do this for you. We will put the on-site* in operation.

*You can find the costs for comissioning in your individual offer. 

“How can the safety of SiT.BeBusiness be guaranteed?”

For that we provide the  SITOUTIONS BeBusiness© service contract*. Within this service contract you receive our Advanced-System-Monitoring and one hour of tele support once a year. In addition, our technical service checks your system via tele support once a month and you will receive a service report.

*You can find the costs for the service contract in your individual offer.

This product is solely provided in Austria. Changes and typesetting errors exepted.