FP Smartflow – Water losses monitor

SmartFlow is a water monitoring system and it is used to measure and visualise parameters of water supply systems. Sensors that are implemented around defined measurement zones collect information regarding the waterflow. Thereby SmartFlow processes and evaluates the collected data. If anomalies appear, the concrete location of the disturbance can be spotted on a map. This significantly eases the tracking and correction of defects in the water provision. The early-warning mechanism thereby lowers the costs for damage repair.

Smart Flow efficiently fights against the problem of hidden leakages in water supply systems. If disturbances appear, it is easier to find them while waterlosses get minimised. Historical graphs and data relating to the parameters help analysts to check the system faster if there is an alarm and to find the reasons for errors quicker.

This kind of loss monitoring is unique in Europe and what is even more important: The application of SmartFlow is possible for most diverse water provision systems.

So if you need a solution, which…

… minimises water and energy losses by being cost-efficient?

… improves the efficiency of the system by faster reaction times to disturbances in the water supply?

… also does not neglect ecological aspects by preventing hyrological drought?

Then SmartFlow is the best answer for you!

SmartFlow is a product of the company Future-Processing. For further information klick:  http://www.smart-flow.eu